xAzarael Solo Music

This is the music I make by myself 🙂 I use digital modular synths, a digital piano, and my keyboard to create weird beats. I explore melodies and frequencies, atmospheres and moods. This stuff predates my studio, and making this music is what gave me a working understanding of how to make and mix music. Some songs are new, some songs are old, it’s interesting to hear the different sort of frequency layering that I’ve used over time. Now that my studio is set up, I’ve been experimenting with adding different instruments as well to the projects.

  • Visions of Panthalassa
  • Chills~Dreaming(Wordless)
  • Elf
  • Deadification
  • Tranquility
  • Bliss
  • Close Up Whispers on a Rainy Night

an image of.. something?

My latest album, “Visions of Panthalassa” is out now!

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