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xAzarael is a musician & producer based out of wollongong, NSW

Hello, I am xAzarael. I operate a music studio in my basement in West Wollongong. Here I play and record my drums, record and mix for bands, and produce my own music.

I love rock music and strange music. I love music of all kinds. When recording I like to get good quality recordings of good quality takes, and when mixing I like everything to be balanced nicely, and to lean into what makes each section of the song special and important.

I’ve been creating my own music for 4 years now, and I’ve been recording bands since 2022.

Would you like to work together? I’d love to get something happening. See how I set up my space and let’s see what we can achieve.

About the studio

I want to get the best sound we can through the best methods we can use. This is unique for each song and each individual.
I like to record guitars and bass through mic’ed up amps where possible, but also open to using DI tracks.

You can bring your own drumkit or use mine. Bring your own snare and cymbals though.. or use mine for $25/snare hire and $50/cymbal hire. You will get the best results from recording if you have well maintained gear, a fresh snare drum head, and you know your parts well.

Gear // Microphones

house drum kit 80s tama
house bass cab ashton with ashton head
house guitar amp vox

daw: reason studios
Interface: behringer UMC1z820 8 input interface
monitors: pioneer DJ , audiotechnica headphones

KICK OUT – shure beta 52a
KICK IN – AKG P120 condenser mic
SNARE TOP – shure sm57
SNARE BOTTOM– unknown “stadium livemic”
RACK TOM – shure sm99a


1 day of studio recording

$150 per session

Mixing & Mastering

$50 per song

Client testimonials

Hear what my past clients have to say!

Finley always puts maximum effort into the recording and mastering of the songs while simultaneously creating a laid back and inviting environment. Absolutely exceptional at the price point and loved working with him!

Finn Packer



My Music

Current Projects:

an image of.. something?


my solo adventures into synthesis songwriting and production.
melodic dreamcore, hypnotic trance, delightful and sorrowful.

Learn More

The Milk Incident

exciting and soulful. 2022-now

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Past Projects:


One of my old bands. HARDCORE SHOEGAZE. Screaming guitars, dreamcore vocals, awesome bass, and crazy drums. Me on drums for this one. Gradient got me into recording music. It was a dream-nightmare scenario. Feverish mixing, burning passion, crazy songwriting. It was awesome.

  • DEEP (single)
  • SPEARHEAD (ep)

Poloni's Pizza!

A studio project with me and the bass player from Gossika, Marcus. He wanted to experiment with some material that wouldn't fit his death metal band. With his riffs and my drumming we're unstoppable. This was a fun project for us both to branch out creatively, and to see what we could do with the studio.

  • Order up! (ep)

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