Visions of Panthalassa

Journey to the bottom of a superocean. Explore the history of humanity, the history of the Earth, with this synth based album.
Deep base, glimmering melodies, chanting sometimes.
Cast your mind into the very soul of the universe.


  1. Disapproval of a Full Moon
  2. Project Working Title
  3. The Last Beer
  4. Associated
  5. The Mammoth and the Elephant
  6. Hopesick
  7. Mirovia
  8. Shelter to Survive
  9. Surrender of a Free Spirit
  10. The Abyssal Plain
  11. The Chasm
  12. The Epoch of Reionisation
  13. Unfortuniate
  14. Unfortuniate Mix 2
  15. Tear Down the Disco

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