Music Projects


my solo adventures into synthesis songwriting and production. melodic dreamcore, hypnotic trance, delightful and sorrowful.

  • closeupwhispersonarainynight
  • bliss
  • tranquility
  • deadification
  • elf
  • chills~dreaming(wordless)
  • visions of panthalassa


one of my treasured old bands. the band that I got into recording with. hardcore shoegaze. 2022-2023

  • single “deep”
  • ep “love is within reach”
  • ep “spearhead”

The Milk Incident

one of my current active bands. exciting and soulful. 2022-now

  • The Finding Time Ep
  • The Fresh Milk Ep


client of mine in 2023-2024. indie rock.

  • Scenes
  • single “symphony”


client of mine in 2023. death metal. custom project recording a demo version of their old songs. album name GOSSIKUM

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